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I have received my next “mission”! Plane ticket has been purchased. I leave in one month!

One morning, a couple of weeks ago, I’m laying in bed scrolling through Facebook as I usually do for a few minutes before starting my day. This is my form of getting the “daily news”. ย ๐Ÿ˜‰ When I got in touch with how sensitive I am, I stopped reading the paper and listening to the news several years ago. I cannot explain the difference it has made! Anyway, if something big is going on in the world, I am sure to see it on Facebook! So, I’m scrolling through, when I receive a text from my best-friend. She has sent me a link with the message, “You should go to this. I think you would like it…and, it’s closer to you than me. I can’t go today.” I click on the link and start reading the website it has directed me to.

Amma. (www.amma.org) This is about the third time this amazing Being has been brought up to me recently. I had never heard of her until my cousin had mentioned her to me a couple of months ago. When something suddenly keeps coming up into my awareness, that’s a sign to me to pay attention. There have been a few things/people I have learned about recently that I can’t believe I haven’t ever heard of before! Amma is one of those people! She is a Humanitarian from India. She is considered a living Saint. She is…

As I was reading through her website, I felt myself getting more and more excited. I couldn’t believe she was only 30 minutes from where I am currently staying! Then, I realized today was her last day here! I had things I had to do that morning ending with a client session that started at noon. There was no way I could go. I felt bummed. I texted my friend. She informed me that she tours here every year. Excellent! I let it go. I went about my morning, finished my client session around 1:30p, and was eating lunch when I “heard,” “You are going to see Amma this afternoon.” I have learned to not ignore such clear messages! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I got ready and went. I had no idea what to expect or what exactly was going to happen. All I knew was that I was about to get a hug from a living Saint…and, depending on how many people were there, I could potentially be there waiting until the wee hours of the morning in order to receive said hug! Oh well, I’m doing this! Not only may I not have the opportunity to do this again, but I was “TOLD” to do it!

Knowing I would prefer to not have to wait until the wee hours, I had gone a little early, hoping to get a spot near the front of the line. Success! Not only did I not have to wait in line out in the rain for 2 hours, I was seated in the SECOND row from the stage! As we waited for Amma to enter the building, there were videos playing, explaining all of the work Amma does in India and around the globe. It all resonated with me. I could feel my heart expanding more and more with each section of the video playing. By the time she entered the building, I knew I was supposed to be working with/for this woman!

When Amma reached her place on stage, she blessed large amounts of water so everyone in the audience that wanted to, could take some home and/or drink some. Then we were all led through a 30 minute meditation period. And finally, she gave a 45 minute class. I found it to be no surprise that one of the teachings I got to hear from ย her was about love. ๐Ÿ˜‰ She then left the stage to change into her “hugging dress”. Yes, that is the official name of it…just kidding. I don’t know the name of it. While she was off stage, we received instructions about lining up. I had also asked some questions. I wanted to know if we could ask her questions, like those I presented to John of God. The staff person informed me not only could we ask her questions, she would bless pictures of people/items, and you could ask for a Mantra from her. I immediately “knew” I did not need to ask her anything. I was just supposed to get a mantra from her.

When it was time to line up to go on stage to receive our hugs, you can imagine my surprise when I realized I was THIRD in line! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I’m still not sure how this happened. And, I wasn’t complaining! When it was my turn, I kneeled before her and showed her a picture of an ailing friend. She blessed and kissed my phone/picture, then pulled me to her. If I close my eyes, I can still feel myself in her embrace. It is so pure and loving. She has real leis around her neck. So, as she is hugging you, she is whispering in your ear and you are receiving the most wonderful floral scent you can imagine. It all just feels like Heaven. She just kept hugging me tighter and tighter…not like a bear hug really, just like being held securely, safely…like a baby against her mother’s bosom sheltered from harms way.

After the hug was over, I had to attend a brief meeting about the importance of Mantras, how to use them, the process for getting one, and what it all means. It’s actually a big deal and not as many people as you would think feel called to get one from her. One of the things I learned that impacted me the most was that by receiving a mantra from Amma, a living Saint, she is now considered my Spiritual Mentor (and has been for many lifetimes). Now, I had to go back on stage to receive my mantra. I was sure I was going to be there now until the wee hours as I feared initially. But I was committed now. Come to find out, I get to walk right back up on stage without waiting in line and sit by her side! In between hugs, she pulled me to her and whispered my mantra in my ear. Because it is in her native language, one of her staff, has it written on a piece of paper for you when you leave.

To wrap up, I bought an amazing mala made of Tiger’s eye, went back on stage AGAIN to have her bless it, then sat there for a little bit just to soak up the amazing energy. When all was said and done, it was about 10:30p and I hadn’t eaten dinner! I was starving! There were vendors there selling traditional Indian food. I ate and chatted with some wonderful people I had met, then drove home, knowing something significant in my life had just shifted again.

Over the next several days, I was doing research and sending emails to people trying to get information on how to tour and/or work with Amma in one of her Ashrams. Just a few days ago, my application was accepted! I will be staying and working in her Ashram in California for at least a couple of months. Other than her Ashram/Home in India, this is the one she is at the most. My understanding is, I will be helping process and sort medical supplies that will be sent to clinics and hospitals in India.

Of course, there is a huge Spiritual component to this. I’m not sure what it is exactly, yet. I’m super excited to find out, though. I can’t imagine it being more challenging than learning to Surrender in a foreign country! And, what do I know? HA!

All in Love,