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Let me start by saying, if you don’t believe in Metaphysics and/or God and being able to communicate with Him, a lot of what I’m going to tell you about my time in Abadiania may sound crazy to you. Heck! Even before going, I DID believe in all of that and I still had a hard time believing what I was experiencing and seeing with my own eyes!   😉

Many of you know I believe we all have gifts. Whether you tap into yours and use it is another story, but we all have them. One of mine is that I am an Empath/Clairsentience (empath |ˈempaTH|noun  a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual. via Webster). My body also feels and “reads” things on an energetic level as well. After being introduced to the Entities via John of God (the first time I presented questions to him), they began to teach me about what I was feeling.

For many years now, my body has been “reading” people and I didn’t know what was happening. All I knew was that I was having physical sensations in my body that I assumed were coming from me. Sometimes it could be minor like a pain in my leg. And, sometimes it could be more serious, like a severe anxiety attack to the point of thinking I’m having a heart attack.

After my second day of sitting in the Current/meditation rooms, I developed a very large pimple in each ear. I’ve gotten pimples in my ear from time to time. I have NEVER gotten one in both ears at the same time! And, I have never had them so big that they muffled my hearing! When I woke up the next morning, they were so big and painful (I had pain in my jaw on both sides and couldn’t lay on my ears) I was a little concerned. When I asked the Entities if this was something to be concerned about, I was told, “No. It’s all part of the process. You are going to learn how to listen with your body.” I wasn’t sure how they were going to teach me this, and somehow I knew exactly what they were talking about. I was excited!

The teachings began that afternoon. For the next several days, each time I meditated on the Casa grounds, the Entities were there to school me.  😉
First, they showed me how they would get my attention when it was someone specific they wanted me to “listen” to. When they are getting my attention, it feels like little zaps of electricity in my hands. Yes, this could be happening with you too. We are all different though, so it could look and feel differently for you. 😉
Then they showed me a new way of “tuning in” to people. After practicing this a few times, they showed me that 9 out of 10 times, the physical sensations I was feeling in my body were coming from other people! This was/is part of how I “Listen” to people. Before this, I knew I was an empath. I knew I felt things emotionally from people. There were even instances I knew I was getting information about clients they hadn’t told me yet. Now, not only have I gotten confirmation on all of that, I have also learned/experienced more! I’m not sure how I will be using this information in the future. Now I know I can trust it and myself though.

Anyone that has had a pimple in their ear knows it feels MUCH better if you can just pop it and release some of that pressure! Even though it hurt like hell, one day I tried my damnedest to pop them. They wouldn’t budge! The Entities told me, “Leave them alone. They will go away on their own when it’s time!” So, I stopped messing with them. A couple days later, after I had practiced all of the “tools” they had taught me, they went away. Nothing popped, no fluid came out, NOTHING happened! They just disappeared!
THIS is the kind of thing that happens in Abadiania.

All in Love,