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With only about 2 weeks left before I leave, my mind has a 100 things going through it. I catch myself thinking about the past, what I’ve learned, where I’ve been, and people I would like to see again. I also catch my ego trying to plan the future and what’s coming next. Yes, there is a little of this I need to do like buying a plane ticket before the day I am scheduled to leave (and before the tickets would all cost me $1000) for example. And, if you remember, I am committed to allowing God to guide me…completely surrendering. So, I am constantly reminding myself to stay in the present these days. This time has and will continue to go by fast. I want to enjoy it and leave with no regrets. So, with that being said, here are some things I have been noticing…

1. When I sleep well, I love getting up early. Have you ever experienced the stillness and peacefulness of the early morning hours before sunrise? I love hearing and feeling the world start to come alive right before sunrise…the birds conversing, the deer frolicking, the trees breathing in sync with the morning breeze… And then the sunrise…ahhhh.  🙂 This is my favorite time of day, for sure.
Ok, even when I don’t get enough sleep, I like it. It just makes for a really long day when you’re tired! :-/

2. Now that I am not all caught up in my own healing stuff everyday, I have made some really sweet connections here. I’m glad I have a couple more weeks to spend some time with them!

3. My body REALLY does NOT like bread, grains, and processed food!! Last week, my body let me know loud and clear that I had indulged enough with all of the foods here. I was miserable. I am back to eating the way that works well for my body. For those that are curious, for the most part my body pretty much likes the Paleo way of eating (with a little less meat 😉 ). What this means is I either have to cook more for the house, or make more of my own meals. Oh and, the Ashram is a vegetarian property. So, I have to get my dose of meat on the weekend when I go out to do laundry.

4. I’m looking forward to being able to sing to the music I love to sing! I can listen to my music with headphones. I don’t do this though because it just makes me want to sing. 😉

5. After walking up this big hill that the house sits on approximately three times per day, my ass looks good in my jeans again! 😉

6. I’m tired of walking up this big hill every day. haha

7. I LOVE being able to see wildlife everyday!!

8. I NEED time each day to do my meditation, yoga, and reading of my “Bible” (A Course in Miracles). I currently do this every morning. It is a GREAT start to my day! I feel most at peace after my morning practice. When I am able to do it consistently, it becomes pretty effortless to stay in my heart-space most of the time.

9. I look forward to being able to chat with friends and family whenever I want to, in the comfort of my own space. Life is so busy here, the phone calls I have made have been pretty limited. And, I can only talk on the phone outside.

10. The Ashram is not as peaceful and quiet as I thought it would be. I imagined a lot more meditating and silence. Nope!

11. I’m VERY ready to have some time to do nothing!

12. I am VERY ready for some peace and quiet…and, alone time! 😉

13. Although I like to have my own space and peace and quiet, there are some aspects of community living I REALLY enjoy as well. It’s just like living with a family again…currently a family of about 24 right now. Ha!

14. I LOVE being of service. If I didn’t need money to have my own place again, I would love to be able to support people with the gifts, knowledge, and skills I bring. Volunteering/Seva is SO much more satisfying than working! Doing something for others from a place of love feels SO much better than trying to always make more money and get to that higher position!! This could be a post all of it’s own. I’m not going there today. With that being said, if any of you would like to have this conversation, I’d be happy to! Email or call me.

15. I love laughing and making others laugh!

16. I’m looking forward to seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist! 😉

Although I don’t know exactly what I am doing next, I feel excited about what’s next! Life is full of adventure. With my new perspective these days, I’m always excited to see what’s coming next! If I feel it’s noteworthy, I’ll be sure to let you know.  😉
In the meantime, be well! And, as my brother would say, “Treat yourself right!” 😉

All in Love,