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From the first moment that I felt “called” to go to Brazil, I just knew it was about my work/business. For the past couple of years, I have felt like there was/is something more I was/am supposed to be doing. I’m just not sure what it is. Something in me told me I would get my answer and/or training from John of God in Abadiania!

So, when the moment came for me to present questions to the Entities, I knew exactly what kind of questions I was asking! I wanted to know exactly how I was supposed to be using my gifts to serve others. What did my future life’s work look like/entail? Did I mention you can ask Them (the Entities) anything? Your questions do not have to be about some kind of physical healing/ailment. Over the course of 4 weeks, I was prescribed herbs, 2 Spiritual Operations, and ordered to sit in His Current Room (you cannot sit in this particular room without being invited by the Entities). Each of these things are powerful healing modalities! I will not be sharing every detail here (you will have to wait for the book). 😉 I will give you some information and details, however. And, will share the overall outcome of my visit.

The first time I was told to come back the following morning for my Spiritual Operation, I was both nervous and excited! Although I was prepared for this, one never knows what will occur! When it’s time for the operation, everyone that was prescribed one for that time, all files into a room and directed to sit down, place your right hand over your heart, place your left hand palm up in your lap, and close your eyes for the duration of the operation. Which, by the way, you never know how long it will last. My first one lasted about 25 minutes and the second one only lasted about 5 minutes.

After everyone is seated, we are instructed to raise our hand if we want or feel guided to have a physical operation. If you watch any of the videos on YouTube, they usually show John of God doing these somewhat hard to watch physical surgeries on stage. These type surgeries are not necessary. They say he continues to do them for those that ask because that is where those particular people are on their journeys. There are people who still believe healing cannot occur unless there is cutting, blood, and stitches. Yes, all of that happens, on stage, and without any physical anesthetic! The truly amazing thing about this is most people don’t feel pain and even when a kitchen knife is used on someone’s eye, there is never any infection!

I was not moved to have a physical operation! After I was seated and my hands were in place, eyes closed, I asked, “Please release all illness and dis-ease with which I came here and fill me up with Peace, Love, Joy, and Compassion. The operation immediately began at that point. As an energy worker and an Empath, feeling all sorts of energy flowing in and out of my body is not unusual. With that being said, I was blown away by how powerful this energy was! It entered through my left palm, flowed through my body and out the bottom of my right foot (which felt like a strong electrical current). This lasted for about 20 minutes. The last 5 minutes felt like my chest was filling up like a balloon. It actually got a little uncomfortable. I realized I was being filled up with the things I requested.

After your operation is complete, you have a little informational “meeting” to give you your next steps. Then you go to the pharmacy to get your herbs. After that, you have a taxi take you back to your pousada/hotel. Yes, even if your hotel is only 2 blocks away, you MUST take a taxi. I know this sounds a little out there for some of you, but you just had a very real operation! Some people have tried walking to their rooms and collapsed! Once back to your room, you are instructed to sleep for at least 24 hours. The only time you should get out of bed is to use the restroom and to eat. If you have a guide or friend there, it would even be best if you have them bring you your food. Not only do some people really sleep the whole time, some even sleep longer! I was not one of those people. Ha!

When I first got into bed, I was feeling a little anxious. For 18 years my cats were always my “security blanket”. Anytime I was feeling “uneasy” in anyway, they comforted me. So, I called in the spirit of my cats to be with me. As soon as I felt their energy there, the anxiety left. I immediately began crying. I missed them SO much. I miss their unconditional love! I have not felt love like that in my life. I wanted it so badly! At this point I heard, “You can have it!” What?! “You can have it whenever you want. All you have to do is let me in.” Although I don’t recall ever speaking with God before, I am clear this is who I was now talking to! I said, “Ok, if all I have to do to feel that whenever I want is allow you into my heart, I say yes. I am letting you in!”

That was just the beginning of my conversations with God and this new way of being on this planet. There is a great deal more to this story (remember, that was only my FIRST operation)! You can probably guess the ending though…

For the first time in my life, I am allowing God to guide me and my life! When you surrender, trust, and allow God to guide you, everything else falls into place. You do not need to know the answers and the details. For those of you that have been following this whole adventure, remember very early on all the times I thought I had surrendered, trusted, and had Faith? Those were NOTHING compared to where I am now! If I keep this up, I can only imagine where I will be in another few months (or years)! Clearly, I was not called there for my work specifically. I was called there to reconnect with God.
Life is good!

All in Love,