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Family Support & Coaching

Jaiden is uniquely able to create a safe and open space for true discussion with his warm, real presence and willingness to share from the heart.  I was so impressed with his ability to meet each of us in our group where we were at and empower us to ask good questions and think in new ways.  Working with Jaiden helped me to take another step along the path toward being a more inclusive and open-minded healthcare practitioner and person!  I would welcome the chance to work with him further and can't recommend him highly enough.

Heidi D. Olejnik, D.C.

Chiropractic Physician

See if Working with Jaiden is Right for You/Your Family...

  1. Is someone in your family wanting to transition their gender and you’re not sure what to do or how to support them?
  2. Are YOU scared or confused and need support because someone in your family just came out as Trans?
  3. Would you like to make sure your loved one/family member have the support they need to start the process?

Although those of us transitioning know it’s necessary to become more in alignment, it doesn’t mean it’s an easy or fun process. I am here for you!

Working together…

  • I will first come into your home. The whole family (who still lives in the house) will all meet with me together. This helps me to get an overall picture of the support the person is receiving in the home and how family members are feeling about the transition.
  • Together, we will determine where the greatest support is needed going forward. 

What might that look like?

  • I am available to talk or hang out with your child.
  • I am available to do one-on-one sessions with you or your spouse.
  • Or, perhaps meeting with both parents at the same time is what is needed?
  • Or, a combination of the above.

Whatever you are feeling is valid. How the person that just came out is feeling is valid. Allow me to help you SEE each other.