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Learn the Essentials of Gender Identity

Speaker & Educator

Connect with Jaiden

Could your place of business use a little training on the Essentials of Gender Identity?
Then I'd love to support you with a chat.

During our conversation we will:

1. Update your vocabulary and understanding of key terms

2. Make sure your workplace is inclusive

3. Increase your comfortability in interactions with people who are Transgender.

Creating an inclusive environment opens doors for all, both professionally and personally.  I am a professional educator and conversationalist, passionate about helping others create space for transgender and gender non-binary individuals in communities, businesses, and classrooms.  Through a tailored two hour experience, we will begin a conversation which will give you the essential tools to consciously serve, work with and include trans* and non-binary individuals.

The dynamic, interactive and educational time we spend together will begin with introductions, essential vocabulary and definitions, as well as an introduction to my personal story.  Walking through an exercise aimed at helping you understand your own identities, we will create a greater awareness of social norms and explore challenges trans* and gender non-binary community experience, as well as identify strategies for inclusion and equity.

This is a rare opportunity for people to get transgender-related questions answered, whether personal or business related. There are opportunities throughout our time together for questions to be answered, so bring your questions!

Jaiden is forthright, compassionate and insightful in equipping us with the perspective and tools to understand, engage and work with transgender and non-binary individuals. Whether in professional or social interactions, Jaiden teaches us what it means to welcome these vibrant members of our community into our lives.

Davia Larson


Jaiden is uniquely able to create a safe and open space for true discussion with his warm, real presence and willingness to share from the heart.  I was so impressed with his ability to meet each of us in our group where we were at and empower us to ask good questions and think in new ways.  Working with Jaiden helped me to take another step along the path toward being a more inclusive and open-minded healthcare practitioner and person!  I would welcome the chance to work with him further and can't recommend him highly enough.

Heidi D. Olejnik, D.C.

Chiropractic Physician